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Love Never Fails

After betraying the king, Adam finds himself enslaved in a dark kingdom full of violence ruled by the tyrant Malus. When a stranger enters the dark kingdom with the message that the king still loves them, Adam must decide if he will risk following the stranger. Is the good king’s love really powerful enough to free them from the grip of the dark kingdom?


Reconciling God’s justice and his love. Recovering a biblical view of God’s justice.

Many assume that mercy and justice are at odds as if these are two opposing things, and therefore two opposing characteristics within God. That God desires to have mercy, but he is bound to justice because of his holiness. A dichotomy within the very being of God. Such thinking is based on a wrong understanding of God’s justice influenced by Justitia (Lady Justice) rather than the Bible. Looking at the OT, Jesus, and Paul this article will show that God’s justice is restorative in its nature and therefore consistent with God’s love. God’s restorative justice is an expression of his love and not a quality contrary to God’s love. 

A Biblical Understanding of the Wrath of God

How does the wrath of God fit with the fact that he is love in his essence? Is the God of the Old Testament different from the God of the New Testament? In this article, it will make clear that God’s wrath and his judging actions are continuously defined the same throughout the Bible and are an expression of his love.

Did God need a sacrifice to appease his own wrath?

Did God really need to sacrifice his own son as a human sacrifice to appease his own wrath? If this is not the biblical Gospel then what is?


"When I read a children's book, it is always through this grid: 'Would I trust this message to be told inside the hearts of my grandchildren?' Sadly, many 'Christian' books, I would not. But, The Great Victor is an exception. It is a wonderful and creative telling of humanity's journey that is easily accessible to both adults and children, with an underlying theology that I can trust."

Paul Young, author of #1 New York Times bestseller The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve and Lies We Believe About God

"In The Great Victor, Manuel Becker has retrieved the historic gospel as 'eucatastrophe'--the good news of the Savior's grand victory. Beautiful echoes of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien's good-news storytelling that will ignite children's imaginations with eternal truth."

Bradley Jersak (PhD Theology), author of Children, Can You Hear Me? and A More Christlike God

""Looking for a retelling of the Gospel in a way that will grip a child's imagination? You can't do better than this marvelous short story by Manuel Becker." 

Greg Boyd, senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church, author of The Crucifixion of the Warrior God

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